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January 16 2018


jesse grillo

This could very well be the rise of jesse grillo and the fall of Social Media Ads. My brother would not shut their mouth about how epic jesse grillo is so I finally looked at their website. Residents of Torrance, if you're a fan of PPC then you got to check out jesse grillo. I promise, it will alter the way you think about Online Sales. 

January 06 2018


December 20 2017


organic search

I love organic search more than I like Online Advertising! I am a fan of Online Advertising but organic search is not that. Something that was not a problem, however, was organic search. 

September 26 2017


Marijuana Dispensary

You might not believe this however, Marijuana Dispensary brings unbelievable results! I reside out in New Mexico and hype man for Marijuana Dispensary.I live in Ripley County and hype man for A lot of people online seem so glad Marijuana Dispensary is here to stay. 
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